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alvarez01PLANS are underway to launch the 2016 Philippine Collegiate Basketball Cup under the same format of two groups: Group A for the universities championship and Group B for the colleges championship.


The champions of Group A and Group B will contest the grand championship.

Details will be ironed out before disseminating them to participating teams of Jose Rizal Alumni Bombers, La Salle Alumni Green Archers, Mapua Alumni Red Cardinals, Adamson Alumni Falcons, University of the Philippines Alumni Maroons, Angeles Schools Alumni, Ateneo Sea Eagles, and Pinoy Tech Alumni.

Next year’s tournament over three weekends will be organised and managed by Western Sydney Basketball Association (WSBA) headed by Cromwell Alvarez.

In the first two years of its existence, the Collegiate Basketball Cup was run by Northwest Filos Basketball headed by Raymond Policarpio, who relinquished his role with the big event after the 2015 tournament.

The inaugural 2013 Cup comprising three teams – Angeles Alumni Universities, Mapua Alumni Red Cardinals, and Ateneo Sea Eagles – was won by Angeles Alumni.

Last year’s universities group was won by Ateneo Sea Eagles,and the college group was won by Jose Rizal Bombers. The grand final was won by the Bombers.

WSBA will use its extensive resources to develop the Collegiate Cup further with inclusion of more teams and possibly turning the format into a full-blown series in the near future.

“Stronger allegiances make the Philippine Collegiate Basketball competition can make the event the most exciting for Filipino-Australians to play in and watch.” Alvarez said.

“The WSBA is looking forward to kicking off the event in 2016.”

Dates will be announced shortly.

In the meantime, team coaches and captains are invited to contact Alvarez on mob 0406 770 810 about team entries. Further, new teams interested in joining the tournament are welcome.



Cromwell Alvarez, head of Western Sydney Basketball Association to run the 2016 Philippine Collegiate Basketball Cup.



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