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leighgunnnSO ECSTATIC was Azkalroos head coach Leogh Gunn on the performance of the club’s two sides which took part at the Futsa Sa Fiesta football tournament on October 4, 2015 that he believed it was time to develop a side to enter Australian soccer’s major local leagues competition.


The one-day Futsa Sa Fiesta tournament fielded teams from the Nepalese, Indian and Filipino communities and it produced some impressive displays of Azkalroos’ individual brilliance and teamwork.

It was enough for an experienced soccer pro like Gunn to observe that the time had come for a Filipino-Australian team to move up to a new level.

Gunn had gone into the game as Azkalroos’ playing coach in the team’s back line; and he gave a polished performance that showed his experience.

He made timely interventions when the Nepalese threatened to break through the midfield and score on the breakaway. Neat tackles combined with an industrious work rate, kicked off most of the Azkalroos’ bursts with accurate passing.


Leigh Gunn, the Azkalroos playing-coach.



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