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dennis benedictosDENNIS Benedictos is an ideas man who knows how to do the hard organisational work to put his thoughts into action for the benefit of the Australian and Philippine sporting communities.

in Canberra ACT

Benedictos is well organised, articulate and he possesses the great respect of players and fellow organisers. The man has been instrumental in the on-going success of Filcom (Filipino Community Sports Association).

Filcom basketball caters for both the Filipino-Australian community and the wider Canberra community, making it a multiculturally inclusive association.

In an interview on Canberra’s community radio program Radyo Filipino Australia, Benedictos mentioned players with ethnic backgrounds from around the world such as Filipino, Anglo, Euro and African-Australian members.

Australia is a very multicultural society and it is great to see how a respected organiser such as Benedictos, along with the dedicated help of his fellow association executive members and administrators, have been able to organise such a successful inclusive and large dynamic league.

Filcom is a family-friendly organisation that currently has 20 teams on its register, with two divisions.

Benedictos loves what he does, and people who know him well know that he always gives his best effort. He is very positive as he strives to give of his great variety of talents for the constructive benefit of the wider community.

He has also recently turned his attention to supporting the Pinay Ballers (Filipino Women Ballers) Association in the Philippines.

The Pinay Ballers have a motto: “In A League of Our Own”.

A stated vision of the Pinay Ballers is:

“Use sports as a tool for breaking down the walls that are detrimental to a society.  We envision a society embodied with equality and opportunity.”

Benedictos’ efforts to promote inclusive multiculturalism and gender equality on the national and international stage makes him a role model and community asset for sports people and other leadership aspirants to follow his example to ensure that all feel welcome and have equal opportunities to develop their potential.


Dennis Benedictos’, Filcom’s ideas man..



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